On the Road with S:S:L Photo Gallery – Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Porsche Museum - Stuttgart
Photos by Zerin Dube
With the year coming to a close, it's time to catch up on a few galleries we're behind on, including a few from our trip to Germany this past fall.  This gallery is dedicated to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.  The Porsche Museum features 80+ vehicles on display including the iconic 356, 550, 917 and of course the evolution of the 911 that we all know and love.  The Porsche Museum was probably the most open experience of any of the museums we visited and covers the complete history of the Porsche brand from inception to it's current reputation of building some of the finest sports cars on the planet.   We hope you enjoy this trip through Porsche's history, as well as a few gems like the 911 GT1 hanging out in the parking garage and a few shots of the Porsche Museum workshop where workers painstakingly restore Porsches from yesteryear back to showroom ready condition. Full 250+ Porsche Museum Photo Gallery after the jump [nggallery id=138]

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Zerin Dube

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    • We had schnitzel overdose and managed 160 on the Autobahn in the S4 Avant we were driving.  It’s something everyone should do as many times as they possibly can before they die.

  • I found it interesting that Porsche skipped right over WWII in it's museum whereas Daimler at least addressed its participation, albeit heavily spun. The Daimler museum is certainly more eclectic, almost Henry Ford Museum type breadth but I enjoyed the Porsche museum more.

  • This is the best collection of museum pictures I've ever seen, thanks for sharing.

    Looks like the special exhibit was on the Turbo. They've changed it up and now it's 25 years of Porsche Exclusive. I'm glad they're taking the exhibits seriously and changing them up in a timely manner with historically significant themes.

    My favorites are the pre-A, Gmund 356s. So classic and elegant and finished in great colors. I especially like the white cab with brown top.

    Tires on Panamericana are a blast from the past, I remember it was a HUGE DEAL back when it was making all the rounds in the mags.

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