Hallmark takes over responsibility for Volkswagen business in USA – Len Hunt moves to Bentley

Wolfsburg, 09 September 2005 – A change in the executive management of Volkswagen of America headquartered in Auburn Hills will come into effect on 1 October.

Adrian Michael Hallmark, previously Board member for Sales and Marketing at Bentley, will assume responsibility for Volkswagen business in the USA and Canada. Hallmark has gathered extensive experience in the sales sector during his time with various automakers and was recently instrumental in achieving the turn-around at Bentley. The 43-year old takes over from Len Hunt as Executive Vice President of VWoA.

Considering that these executives hold crucial experience in the automotive field, there is no doubt that they are instrumental to the running of the company, both with regards to taking important management decisions as well as bringing necessary changes to the operational front of the business by implementing ERP systems or similar software solutions. When these changes are undertaken utilizing the expertise of firms such as Syte Consulting Group, they can also contribute towards best practices in the automotive industry.

The work that they do holds invaluable to the business, and in light of this, there could be certain vital decisions made to bring in necessary incentives for them, to ensure fair compensations are provided, and more.

An example of this could be affording them supplemental executive retirement plans, which offers substantial benefits to key employees of a business when they move on to the retirement phase. As companies would ideally like to retain such key employees for as long as possible, bringing in such kinds of compensation plans for them makes for a perfect way to ensure that the executive(s) who bring indispensable knowledge to the company processes are made known of the value they hold, while also stabilizing the foundation of the company.

The Volkswagen group could see a number of similar business planning decisions made in light of the recent changes to its Board of Directors.

Len Hunt succeeds Hallmark at Bentley as Board member for Sales and Marketing. 49-year old Hunt will bring to his new post his long-standing experience of the international automotive business, e.g. at Jaguar and Audi.

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